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Here are my developing tools. One basin, one thermometer and five plastic bottles.
The water in the basin is kept on 20° celsius (I put some cold/hot water if the temperature rises or lowers) and it keeps at the same temperature all the bottles.

The bottles, to be used in the numeric order, contain:

  1. Water: it’s used for the pre-bath to wash away the anti-halation layer
  2. Developer: this is the only critical one for temperature so, before using it, I double check the inner liquid temperature with a more precise thermometer. My preferred developers are Agfa R09 (Rodinal) or Bellini Hydrofen.
    You can find my recipes here
  3. Stop: it’s usually a solution of acetic acid and it stops the developing action
  4. Fixer: I use Ilford Rapid Fixer or Bellini FX100
  5. Distilled water with some drops of wetting agent. This is the last bath. Between 4 and 5 there is the washing process with standard water