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Stand development is a nice way to develep more or less everything with stunning results.

The rules are simple: high developer diluition and one hour developing time in a motionless tank.

You can mix in the same tank different films with different speeds and everything will be developed well in the same time.

For several reasons, too scientific to be understood by me, this technique works great with films up to ISO 200. You can read a more scientific explaination here.

I tried several times this development process with Ilford FP4 and Fomapan 100 and I always got perfect results.

  1. Developer: 1+100 with Rodinal (R09). The best thing is to mix not less than 10ml of R09 with water, so the final solution will be 1 liter. It’s enough for 3 x 135 films or 2 x 120 films. R09 is very cheap and if you do not use the whole solution it’s not a tragedy. Due to the long exposure to the solution, for this kind of development I use demineralized water (where I live tap water is very hard)
  2. Put the developing solution in the tank (better if you perform a film washing before); one minute of agitation, bang the tank to remove air bubbles and then…
  3. Put the tank into a basin with water at 20° celsius and forget it for 59 minutes. The only thing to do is to check the temperature of the water in the basin keeping it at 20° by adding cold/hot water if needed. Do not move the tank and let chemistry do its work

Give this procedure a chance: you’ll be surprised