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My new toy: a fantastic Ferrania IBIS 66

I wonder why people buy brand new lomo cameras when with 20 Euros you can get a jewel like this. Built with aluminium (no plastic.. !!!) with an extraordinary industrial design: the name “ibis” close to the viewfinder seems from Metropolis movie….

  • Film format: 120
  • Viewfinder: galilean
  • Shutter: 1/30 second + B
  • Metering: no
  • Lens: Primar 85mm
  • Focusing: fixed focus
  • Aperture: fixed f/9

I just shot the first 120 b/w roll. ILFORD FP4, developed for 15′ with R09 (Rodinal) 1+25.

Here a lovely detail of the film between frames. It’s due to the tracks where the optics moves